Creating Subfolders with Templates

You can create subfolders for user My Tasks folders with the templates in VA Menu Templates.

When you create a subfolder based on a template, the template's defined folder and items will display in the user's My Tasks folder on the Menu tab of the Main Menu. When creating a subfolder, you can copy template setting to an individual user's My Tasks folder, or you can copy settings to multiple users associated with a specific security group.

The following instructions detail how to create subfolders with templates.

  1. From VA Menu Templates, select File > Copy Template. The system displays the VA User Template Copy form.
  2. In the Source section of the form, select the Templateradio button . To the right of the radio button, specify the template in the text box. Press F4 to see a list of templates.
  3. In the Destination section of the form, select the appropriate destination radio button: User or Group.
  4. From the selection box, check the box for each individual user or group that you want to create the subfolder for.
  5. Click Initialize. The system displays the VA Process User Temp Copy form.
  6. In the Copy Options section, select the appropriate radio button: Copy and Append or Copy and Replace.
    Note: When you select Copy and Append, the system adds the subfolder to the user's My Task folder and does not overwrite any existing subfolders. When you select Copy and Replace, the system overwrites all existing subfolders in the user's My Tasks folder.
  7. Use the arrow buttons between the Source and Copy selection boxes to specify which items should be copied to the destination users. See VA Process User Temp Copy for more information.
  8. Click Apply. The system displays a success message.