Logging Users Off Automatically After Idle Time

You can use the VA Site Setting and VA User Profile forms to automatically log users off of Vista after a specific number of minutes of idle time.

Logging a user off will release that Vista license for use by another user. Once you turn the feature on system-wide, you then select in VA User Profile the specific users to which the auto-log off will apply.

To turn on auto-log off:

  1. Select the Use Auto-Log Out check box.
  2. If desired, change the number of minutes of idle time in the Minutes to Log Out field.
  3. For each user to which you want to apply auto-log out, go to VA User Profile, and check the Allow Auto Log Off checkbox.
    Tip: Typically, you will want to apply this feature to intermittent users of Vista. You may not want to apply it to users, such as Accounting personnel, who may be frequently processing data or running long data processes.
  4. Click OK to save the settings. The setting takes effect after the affected user logs out and then logs back in.

    The system will display a warning message 60 seconds before the automatic log-off occurs. If the user presses a keyboard key or moves the mouse before the 60 seconds expires, that user will not be automatically logged off. However, if the user does not press a keyboard key or move the mouse, that user will be automatically logged off the Vista application. All Vista windows will close and any unsaved changes will be lost.