Sending an Immediate Message

You can use VA Site Settings to broadcast a message to all users logged on to the system.

This might be useful if you need to shut down the system and want to warn logged on users.

To send an immediate message:

  1. In VA Site Settings, click Prepare and Send a Message to Logged On Users.
  2. In the VA Send Immediate Message form, enter your message in the text box and click Send Message. The system displays a 'message sent' confirmation, but does not display the immediate message itself.
  3. Click Cancel to close VA Send Immediate Message form and return to VA Site Settings.
  4. If desired, in VA Site Settings, you can set the polling interval, which is the time between when the system puts the message into the database and when it retrieves and sends the message. See Poll Interval (sec): LAN Client and Poll Interval (sec): Internet Client.