About the File Extension White List Form

Use this form to limit which types of files users are able to upload by whitelisting file extension by adding to or removing from the list of file extension types.

Note: This topic only applies to you if your deployment method is either VRL on-premises or VRL Cloud. Your deployment method is shown at the bottom of the Main Menu in the status bar.
If a user attempts to upload a file with an extension that does not appear on the list you have created in the this form, the system will reject the upload.

Vista enforces the restrictions at the upload type level, that is, you may allow a certain file extension for one type of upload but not allow it for another type of upload. Press F4 in the Upload Type field to select one of these:

  • Auto Import

  • Document Templates

  • Crystal Repor

For network security reasons, best practice is to not augment this list except for when and if a file type that is not on the list needs to be uploaded.