About the VA Message Archive Form

Use this form to review all messages that passed through the Vista™ software mail queue.

All messages sent either through a Notifier job (WF Notifier Job Manager) or when you select an email option (for example, the Send Notifications button in WF Checklist Maintenance) display on this form.

Using this form, you can search for, and view, specific messages, as well as delete individual messages.

To view a message, select the message from the grid and click the Info tab to see details. This form displays the source of the message, the date sent, failure date (if applicable), the number of attempts to send the message, the reason for failure (if applicable), and the message details.

If there are numerous messages, you may want to perform a search to find a specific message. To perform a search, enter search criteria in one or more of the following fields, and click the Search button: From, CC, Subject, Source, and Sent.

To clear the search criteria fields, click the Clear button. To view all messages in the queue, click the Show All button. All messages display, regardless of the specified filtering criteria.

For more information on any of the forms mentioned above, refer to the F1 help.

To delete a message, select the message and click the Delete button or select Records > Delete. To delete multiple messages, use the VA Purge Mail Archive form; for more information, refer to VA Purge Mail Archive in Related Topics below.