About Viewing the Audit Log

Whenever a user edits a record in most Vista forms, the system creates an audit record in the HQ Master Audit (HQMA) table.

This information is useful to audit or track changes made to forms, such as the old value, new value, date of change, and the user who made the change.

For example, if you edit a user account in the VA User Profile form, a new entry is created in the HQMA table so that there is a record of the changes.

Some of these records are automatically created and some of them are defined using the audit options set up on the Company Parameters or Company Setup form in each module. Changes to records in user-defined (UD) tables can also audited by selecting the Auditing check box in the UD User Table and Form Setup form for each specific table. The report displays all audit records for the UD table, provided that you have proper data security access.

You can view a list of audit records in two ways:

View the Audit Log using the VA Audit Log Viewer

View the Audit Log using the HQ Audit Detail report