About Removing Users

There are multiple ways to remove a user from Vista™.

  • Deactivate the user account with VA User Profile. This prevents a user from logging in to Vista, but preserves that user account's settings in VA User Profile and the history of that user account's activity in the system.

  • Delete the user account with VA User Profile or VA User Delete. This removes those users from view in these forms, in lookup lists throughout Vista, and from specific tables.

  • Delete the user from SQL Server. Deleting a user from Vista does not delete the user from SQL Server.

If you do not want to remove the user, but want to release the Vista the idle user's license for use by another user, you can use the 'auto log-out' feature in VA Site Settings and VA User Profile to automatically log users off after idle time. For more information, see Logging Users Off Automatically After Idle Time.