About Vista Licensing

Vista has different license models and types, which you can view and track in several different ways.

Your organization uses either a CUL or NUL license model.
CUL: Concurrent User License
  • Nearly all on-premises deployments use the CUL license model. (Some cloud deployments use CUL.)
  • CUL enforcement occurs at login, as it is based on the maximum number of users who are currently signed in.
NUL: Named User License
  • Only cloud deployments can use the NUL license model.
  • NUL enforcement occurs when attempting to set up a new user in VA User Profile.
  • NUL models provide the option to choose license types to limit users from accessing certain forms or reports. The two license types are Office or PM. For more information, see License Types

On-demand licensing is an option for cloud-deployed organizations using either model. For more information, see Set On-Demand Usage.

For information about various ways you can track licenses and identify which forms and reports require specific license types, see Track License Counts and Usage.