Assess License Usage

Use the VA License Usage by Day report to assess utilization rates and compare license usage to total available licenses.

  • Security access (data and report) are required to access the VA License Usage by Day report. If needed, request access from your administrator.
    Note: If you want to see which users are logged on at this moment, see Help > System > Logged On Users.
  • You need to know your license model: Named User License (NUL) or Concurrent User License (CUL). For more information about license types and models, see License Types.
This drill-down report provides information by day about how many licenses are used, along with which type (if applicable), by whom, and when. To view this information:
  1. From the Vista Main Menu, go to Viewpoint Administration > Reports and double-click the VA License Usage by Day report.
    The report launcher appears.
  2. Choose a date range using the Beginning Date and Ending Date fields.
  3. Select Preview.
    • The Login Details button appears on each row for dates one or more licenses was used.
    • The right-side column, showing license type Project Manager, is relevant only if your license model is NUL and you've opted to assign this license type to one or more users.
    • Rows with red text indicate exceptions:
      • Successful login attempts which happened to result in usage beyond your contractual license count.
      • Login failures for users attempting to log in during period where all licenses were already occupied (this can occur only if you’ve disabled on-demand usage).
  4. If you want to view a more detailed account of any day's login history, select Login Details.
  5. If you want to print or export the report, close the preview and use the report launcher to make your selection.