License Types

License types are only applicable to organizations with Vista deployed in the cloud and with the Named User License (NUL) license model.

The license types are Office or PM:
  • 0-Office - for those needing full use of Vista accounting and operational capabilities.
  • 1-PM - for those accessing Vista forms and reports aligned only with project management functions.

For organizations using the CUL license model, all users are defaulted to the 0-Office license type.

Designating a license type does not restrict a user's access to programs and reports that they have been given permission to access. Instead it serves to limit—by license type—which users can run certain reports.
Note: If users with a PM license are granted access to programs or reports that require an Office license, they will be allowed to use these programs and reports, but they will be counted as using an Office license.

For information about various ways you can track licenses and identify which forms and reports require specific license types, see Track License Counts and Usage.