Set On-Demand Usage

On-demand usage grants immediate access to additional licenses at the moment they're needed.

  • The VA License Usage by Day report reveals your organization's license usage trends and can be used to help you determine whether your licensing count is right for your organization. For instructions, see Assess License Usage.
    Note: If you want to see which users are logged on at this moment, start from the Vista main menu or almost any form, and go to Help > System > Logged on Users.
  • These steps require access to your company's server(s), where the Viewpoint Configuration form is located. If no one in your organization has access to your server, go to the Viewpoint Customer Portal and submit a case requesting the change.
By default, on-demand usage is available to all Trimble Construction One organizations. This flexibility provides the option to access software user licenses beyond whatever count is stipulated in your contract, which simplifies the process of supporting cyclical, short-term peak use or seasonal fluctuations in license demand.

If you don’t want to take advantage of this flexibility, you have the option to disable it. After doing so, the system prevents login attempts during periods that all Vista licenses are in use.

To change the current setting:

  1. At the server, navigate to the Viewpoint Configuration form and open it.
  2. In the Services tab, set the License Enforcement checkbox accordingly:
    • Select the checkbox to enforce license counts; the system prevents logins or new user records beyond your count.
    • Leave the checkbox cleared to permit login counts to flex with demand; the system won’t restrict new user records or logins.
  3. Select OK.
    The Viewpoint Configuration form closes.