Create a Domain User

Users can be set up as domain users, requiring them to log in to Vista using their Windows logins.

To create domain users, the following must be set up:

  • A Vista user account must be set up for the user in the VA User Profile form.
  • Each user must have access to the database at the SQL level. Administrators can do this in two ways:
    • Set users up individually in SQL Server with a domain user (DOMAINNAME\Windows Account).
    • Set users up in a Windows Domain Group and then set the Domain Group up in SQL Server.

The steps below create a domain login name using the VA User Profile form. If you are setting up access for the user on the database at the SQL level individually, you can do that either before or after performing these steps.

To set up a domain user in the VA User Profile form:

  1. Click the New Record icon () in the toolbar at the top of the form.
  2. In the User Name field, enter the user name that will be used when this user logs in as a domain user (e.g. DOMAINNAME\username). You can also press F4, select the System Users option, and select the user from the list.
    For more information, see User Name.
  3. Enter any necessary information for the user, making sure to customize the security setup as applicable. See Set Up Vista Users (LAN) for more information.
  4. Save the user account.

    When the user logs in using the domain user option, the system uses their Windows password.