Set User Notification Preferences

Use the Notification Preferences tab on the VA User Profile form to set up your notification preferences.

For example, you can set whether you want to receive emails or Vista messages when you need to approve/review a PO associated with the Process Workflow feature.

Vista messages are viewed using the VA Messages form, and emails are viewed using MS Outlook or any other email application. The emails are sent to the email address in the Email Address field on the Info tab of VA User Profile.

You can define how the system delivers messages from different sources. For example, a user might want leave approvals to go to their email address and have all Notifier messages sent via the internal messaging system.

You can also set all users to use MS Outlook or SMTP. Typically this feature is employed in those companies that use Vista in the Viewpoint for Cloud™ environment, but do not have access to Outlook in the VFC environment.

Note: Emails are sent from the Vista server using SMTP, so MS Outlook is not required to use the email option.

Messages can be generated from any of the following:

To set up notification preferences:

  1. Select the user in VA User Profile.
  2. On the Notifications Prefs tab, enter a source in the Source field (press F4 for a list of valid sources), and specify the destination in the Destination drop-down field, either 0-Email or 1-VP Message.

    You can force all email from this company's Vista accounts to be sent via SMTP, even when users have MS Outlook installed. See Send email via SMTP.

    Users can also set notification preferences using the User Options form (Options > User Options from the Main Menu).