Deliver JB Invoices

Compile and send multiple JB invoices to recipients via email or postal mail using JB Invoice Delivery.

You must identify invoice recipients and assign delivery methods before you can deliver JB invoices. See Set Up Recipients for JB Invoice Delivery for assistance.

Alternatively, to compile bills using the web portal, access the online Billing Compiler from this form by selecting Vista Web Billing Compiler.

Note: The Vista JB invoice delivery feature does not currently include attachments. If you have attachments that you want included when delivering invoices to recipients, use the Billing Compiler in Financial Controls.
  1. From the Vista main menu, go to Job Billing > Programs > JB Invoice Delivery.
  2. Select a Delivery Status, and enter additional search criteria such as Bill Month, Bill Number, Invoice, Customer, Contract, and Delivery Date to further filter invoices.
    For information and requirements about these fields, see Field Definitions: JB Invoice Delivery Form.
  3. Select Search.
  4. Choose the invoices you want to deliver using one of the following methods:
    • Select individual invoices in the grid using the Select check boxes.
    • Select all invoices in the grid by choosing Select All. Clear selections with Unselect All.
    Once you have selected one or more invoices, the Deliver button is enabled.
  5. Select the Deliver button.
  6. Review the invoice details on the Grid and Info tabs. These tabs are display only. Make edits to the Recipients fields as needed.
    The values in these fields are pulled over from the JB Progress Bill Form (Recipients tab) or the JB T&M Bill Edit Form (Recipients tab). You can also update recipient information on the JC Contract Recipients Detail Form.
  7. Select Deliver to send invoices to all recipients listed.