JB T&M Template Labor Rates Form

Use this form to set up labor billing rates by labor category.

Access this form from either the JB Programs folder or by double-clicking a record on the Labor Rates tab in JB T&M Template Setup.

Before you set up labor rates in this form, you must set up labor category in JB Labor Categories. Labor categories group specified classes and crafts together on a billing. Once categories are set up, this form displays all templates and labor categories.

Note: If the Labor Rate Option is set to Cost for a template, labor rates are disregarded in the billing process

Override Rates

If you allow overrides to labor rates (i.e., the Allow Labor Rate Overrides check box is selected for the template in JB T&M Template Setup), you can set up overrides to the rates specified on this form in JB T&M Template Labor Rate Overrides. You can set up override rates specific to employee, craft, and class combinations, in addition to earnings type, factor, and/or shift. For information on setting up labor rate overrides, see JB T&M Labor Override.

Delete Labor Rates

To delete a labor rate, select the rate’s line in the grid and click the Delete button. The system displays a message box confirming the deletion. Click Yes to delete the labor rate from the grid.

For related information, see JB T&M Template Setup Form.