JB T&M Template Setup Form

Use this form to set up templates for generating T&M invoices.

For each template, you must specify which costs will be included on the invoice, the order in which they will be stored in the JB files, and the markups that will be used. Templates can be set up on a per customer/contract basis, or as generic templates that can be used for multiple contracts.

The application comes with four T&M templates that are set up for standard invoice formats:

  • STD ACTDT - Std Inv in Actual Date Order

  • STD CONT - Std Inv in Contract Item Order

  • STD PHASE - Std Inv in Phase Order

  • STD SEQ - Std Inv in Sequence Order

Review these templates to determine whether one or more of them fit your organization’s needs. Typically, markup rates and other information must be modified, as your needs may differ from the sample templates. Additionally, cost types must be assigned to these templates. Standard templates cannot be modified, but you can use the JB T&M Template Copy form to copy the templates before adding cost types and making any required modifications. For more information, see JB T&M Template Copy.

About Creating a Custom T&M Template

If the predefined templates do not meet your needs, use this form to create a custom template. When creating templates, the details and appearance of data on an invoice are determined by several factors. For example, the sort order defined in the header determines how data is stored in the JB files, as well as how the date is sorted on the invoice. Other options, such as the sequence type, summary level, and sort level determine where a sequence line derives the billable amount, the level of summarization for each sequence line, and the order in which detail is sorted for a sequence, respectively.

About Deleting T&M Templates

You can delete templates by clicking the Delete button or selecting Edit > Delete. However, you can only delete templates that are not in use by an open contract.