About the JC Job Phase Cost Detail Form

Use this form to view phase cost detail for the job.

You can access this form in two ways:

  • Click on the Costs button on the JC Cost Projections form

  • Click on the Costs button on the JC Progress Entry form

The form displays the default cost detail based on the phase/cost type you selected in the projections grid (JC Cost Projections). However, you can specify to show cost detail for any valid phase/cost type on the job. If you leave the cost type blank, grid will show detail for all cost types on the phase (and will include a Cost Type column to identify the cost type for each record).

You can also restrict cost detail to a single month or range of months, as well as have the grid display only those records where there are actual units. The Costs options allow you to choose whether to show actual, estimated, committed, or projected costs.

Once you have specified your criteria, click the Refresh Grid button to populate the grid with cost detail meeting the criteria. Cost detail includes cost type (if not restricting by cost type), source, transaction month, cost transaction number, posted and actual dates, transaction type, and unit of measure.

Totals for the Units, Hours, and Cost columns are displayed at the bottom of the grid (for each of the Costs options); however, if you do not specify a cost type when entering filter criteria, Units total will not display.

Note: Cost detail is initially sorted by month, posted date, and actual date; however, you can change the sort order by clicking on any column heading in the grid to sort detail by that column (in ascending or descending order).

The informational display above the grid shows phase cost totals (actual, estimate, total committed, and remaining committed), as well as additional information related to the type of transaction. For example if the source is APEntry, information will include the source description, vendor, AP reference number, and line and transaction descriptions. If the source is PREntry, information will include description, employee, crew, class, and craft.

If you do not wish to see this information, just click the Expand/Collapse button () to the left of the Phase Costs label. This will effectively hide the additional information, but leave the Phase Costs totals showing. To redisplay the additional information, click the button again.

Note: Attachments are view-only.

If attachments exist for a specific detail record, the Attachments button is displayed, allowing you to access the attachment for review.

Attachments are available for viewing only; you cannot add, delete, or modify attachments in this form.