About the JC Projection Job Close-Out Form

Use this form (accessed by selecting the Job Close Out option from the File menu in JC Cost Projections) to perform a job closeout.

Its purpose is to set the projected values to be equal to the actual values. Most companies will not use this option and it is not Viewpoint’s recommendation that it be used; however, if your company’s procedures require that you reconcile projected costs to actual costs at the end of a job, using this form will allow you to automate this process.

Another possible use of this feature is at the beginning of a job to set all projections to zero as plugged values so that projections are maintained manually throughout the project. Again, this is not Viewpoint’s recommendation, but is just an available option.

Once you specify the job you want to close out, indicate whether to set projections as plugged. If checked, the projected values generated by the closeout process will be flagged as 'plugged' (i.e. an asterisk will display in the P column of the Phases grid). When you click the Generate button, the closeout process will set projected values equal to actual values for all active phases/cost types, and set remaining values to zero.

Note: This feature is also available at the phase level, and is implemented by checking the Buy Out option for the desired phase/cost type on the Projections tab in JC Cost Projections.)

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