About the JC Projection Options Form

Use the JC Projection Options form to choose what detail will display when doing cost projections.

This only affects how the form looks on your user account.

Follow the steps below to set up the projection options.

  1. Open the JC Projection Options form. Select File > Projection Options at the top of the JC Cost Projections form to open this form.
  2. The General tab is used to identify what phase/cost type detail will display when doing cost projections.
  3. Complete the General tab. You can press F1 in any of the fields for more information.
    Note: If you are using the job roles functionality in JC, and have assigned job roles at the phase level using JC Job Phases, the projections grid will automatically populate with only those phases on the job that are assigned to the current user's job role. Any settings defined on this tab will be applied as additional filtering for the user's assigned phases. For example, if the user is assigned phases 03100- through 06100-, and you specify a phase range of 02100- through 04500- (Phases Options section), the user will see only phases 03100- through 04500-.
  4. Open the Display Columns tab. This tab controls which columns display in the upper grid of JC Cost Projections, and the order that they display. This allows you to customize the JC Cost Projections form so that only the information that you need displays in the form.
  5. Check the box next to each column that should display on JC Cost Projections.
  6. To change the order of the columns, drag and drop them to the desired positions. The columns at the top of the list will display farthest to the left on the grid in JC Cost Projections.
    Note: The Notes column indicates if notes exist on a phase/cost type. When this column is checked on JC Cost Projections, you can view the notes or add new ones using the Notes tab in the lower section of the form.
  7. Open the Other tab. Use this tab to set up the projection method that will be used. It will default based on the projection method set up using the Projections tab on the JC Company Parameters form, but it can be overridden.
    Note: The Display Columns tab includes corresponding columns for these options. For example if you select the Actual + Committed Costscolumn, you can include the Actual + Committed Units and/or Actual + Committed Cost columns in the projections grid.
  8. Click the Apply button when complete to save the changes.
  9. Once you have set up your projection options, you can use the JC Projection Calculation form to calculate the projections.

    JC Cost Projections

    Calculate Projections