Enter Cost Projections

To get maximum value from this program, you can calculate your projections and then override (plug) the particular job phases where the calculated amount does not adequately reflect the status of that work.

Each time you recalculate, you have the option to leave plugged values intact, always replace them with new calculations, or only replace them with new calculations when actual costs exceed the plugged costs. You can initialize projections for all active jobs, a range of jobs, or only the jobs assigned to a specific project manager.

The steps below outline the process of creating cost projections. You can see a demonstration of these steps via the Viewpoint Academy, which you can access by selecting Help > Training on any form in the application.

  1. Create a new JC Cost Projections batch or open an existing one. JC Cost Projections is a batch driven process. When you select JC Cost Projections in the Programs folder, the Batch Selection form will display. Use this form to create a new batch or select an existing one.
    Note: If you are creating a new batch, make sure that you select the correct month in the Batch Month field. Many organizations do cost projections for the prior month, for example doing the January cost projections in February after all of the costs have been posted to accounting. In this example you would select January in the Batch Month field.
  2. Once you have created or selected a batch, the JC Cost Projections form will display.
  3. The Date field will populate with the current date, but make sure this is correct. The date in this is field should be the last day of the month that you are calculating cost projections. For example if you are doing cost projections for the month of January but the current date is February 15th, you should change the value in this field to January 31st.
  4. Select a job in the Job field or press F4to select it from a list. This will populate the form with the phases and cost types of the selected job.
  5. Set up the projection options. Use the JC Projection Options form to set up what detail will display on the JC Cost Projections form when doing cost projections. This only affects how the form looks on your user account. More
  6. Calculate the projections. Use the JC Projection Calculation form to set up how the projections will be calculated. You can launch this form from JC Cost Projections by selecting File > Calculate Projections. More
  7. Once the projections have been calculated, review and edit them using the JC Cost Projections form. Highlight a phase/cost type in the upper portion of the form and the detail information will display in the lower portion of the form. More
  8. (Optional) Use the Projection Detail tab to give a detailed breakdown of the projected costs remaining until a phase is complete. Once all of the detail has been entered, click the Plug Detail button and the system will sum all of the costs projected in the Projection Detail tab and populate the new remaining cost.
  9. To post the batch, select File > Process Batch at the top of the JC Cost Projections form. This will open the JC Batch Process form, which is used to validate the transactions in the batch, generate the audit reports, and then post the batch.