About Phase Filtering for Cost Projections

There are two different ways that phases are filtered for display in the JC Cost Projections grid: job phase roles and filtering based on projection options.

If you are using the job roles functionality in JC, and have assigned job roles at the phase level (in JC Job Phases), the projections grid will automatically populate with only those phases on the job that are assigned to the current user's job role. Users not assigned a job role will have access to all phases on the job.

If you are also using the JC Projection Options form to filter phases, the system will apply additional filtering to the user's assigned phases based on the options you have selected and the phase range specified. For example, if the user is assigned phases 03100- through 06100-, and you specify a phase range of 02100- through 04500-, the user will see only phases 03100- through 04500-. Within that range, phases will be additionally filtered based on the General Options and Cost Type Options selected. For more information about Projection Options, see Related Topics below.

Note: If you are not using the job roles functionality, phases will be filtered only based on the options selected in JC Projection Options.