About Reviewing & Updating Projections

The Projections grid in JC Cost Projections is where units, hours, and costs are manipulated.

You can select a phase to work on by either highlighting the phase/cost type in the display grid or by entering the phase on the entry grid (Info tab). If you enter a phase manually, the program will display the first cost type for that phase. Once you have finished working on a phase/cost type, you can access the next cost type for the phase using the grid, the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen or by manual entry.

Once you have selected a phase/cost type, you can use the Calculate button to calculate projections for a selected phase/cost type. This function works the same as the Calculate Projections option (File menu), except only calculates for the current phase/cost type. Then plug the amounts as necessary.

Note: At any time during a session, you can refresh the data in the projections table (JCPB) to retrieve the most current values. Just click the Refresh Data button (below entry grid) and the original, current, actual, and committed values are updated for all rows in the grid. You can also refresh data using the Refresh Data option in the File menu.

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