About the Refresh Data Button

You can refresh the cost data that displays in the cost projections grid using the Refresh Data button in the lower portion of the JC Cost Projections form.

For example if you just entered a new receipt on a purchase order in the PO module, click the Refresh Data button to update the costs that display in the form. The new costs will be included if they were posted to the same or prior month as the projections batch. This will not update the Projected Cost column, and it will not add any new phase/cost types that were recently created. For example if the PO receipt was for a PO item with a phase/cost type that is not in the grid, clicking the Refresh Data button will not add the new phase/cost type. You will have to use JC Projection Calculation to add the new phase/cost type to the projections.

The batch month of the JC Cost Projections batch was set up when the batch was created using the Batch Month field on the Batch Selection form.

Note: The Refresh icon in the toolbar at the top of the form does not refresh the cost data.