Cost Projection Attachments

You can add attachments to any phase/cost type in the JC Cost Projections grid.

Focus must either be in the grid (by highlighting the phase) or in the Phase input on the Projections tab. Then select the Attachments button (or the Scan button if attaching a scanned image), attach the image, and click OK. Once the projection batch is posted, the attachments are added (by JCCo, Job, Phase, and Cost Type) to the JCCD (Cost Detail) table.

You can also view AP and JC attachments (i.e. those attached to AP transactions and JC transactions for the specified job) by selecting the desired phase in the grid and clicking the Costs button, which brings up the JC Job Phase Cost Detail form. If not already selected, click on the Actual costs radio button and click Refresh Grid to list all AP and JC transactions associated with the phase. If attachments exist, the Attachments button will be enabled, allowing you to access and view any attachments for the AP or JC transaction.