Enter Progress

Follow the steps below for instructions on the most basic way of entering progress on a phase/cost type on a job. Organizations generally enter progress monthly, or weekly with timesheets.

Tip: You can print out JC Progress Worksheet reports and distribute them to employees so that they can record the progress and return them with their timesheets. The JC Progress Worksheet report is in the Reports folder in the JC module.
  1. Select JC Progress Entry on the Programs folder. This will open the Batch Selection form.
  2. Click the Create a new batch box, enter the current month in the Batch Month field, and then click OK. Click here for more information on the Batch Selection form.
  3. Enter the date of the progress in the Actual Date field. This date should occur during the month selected in the Batch Month field back on the Batch Selection form. You can also leave this field blank More
  4. Enter the job/project that you want to enter progress on using the Job field. You can leave this field blank if you want to enter progress on more than one job in the same batch. More
  5. The JC Progress Filter form will open. This form allows you to select which phases and cost types will populate in the grid so that you can enter progress on them.
  6. Select the phases and costs types you would like to include and then click the Set Filter button. This will close the JC Progress Filter form and populate the JC Progress Entry form.
  7. Enter progress into the Newly Completed column.
    Tip: You can also enter values in the Total Completed or Total Percent columns and the system will automatically calculate the Newly Completed column.
  8. Once you have entered the progress, select File > Process Batch to post the entries. This will open the JC Batch Process form.
  9. Click the Validate button and then preview or print any audit reports.
  10. Click the Post button to post the progress batch and complete.