Linked Cost Types

Linked cost types do not standardly show in the progress grid, even if you have specified to include them when setting filter options in JC Progress Filter (File > Filter by Phase and Cost Types).

For example, if you link a burden cost type to a labor cost type and set the Cost Type Optionin JC Progress Filter to 'All Cost Types', the grid will display the labor cost type, but it will not display the burden cost type. If you want linked cost types displayed, select Options > Show Linked Cost Types; the grid will refresh to include all linked cost types.

Note: Posting progress to primary cost types automatically updates progress for linked cost types. If you have selected to show linked cost types, you can manually override progress updated by the primary cost type.

You can also override linked cost types for manual progress posting using the JC Progress Link CT Detail form (accessed by selecting File > Maintain Progress Link Cost Types). For more information, see Maintain Progress Link Cost Types in Related Topics below.

  • If you use a linked cost type on a phase, but do not use the primary cost type for that phase, the linked cost type will display in the progress grid, regardless of how you set the Show Linked Cost Types option (unless you specified to exclude the linked cost type in JC Progress Filter).

Click About Using Linked Cost Types for additional information.