About Using Weighted Average Overtime Rates

You can specify whether to use weighted average overtime rates when posting timecards to jobs.

The Use weighted average overtime rates check box JC Jobs (PR Info tab) indicates whether you will use weighted-average or regular overtime rates when processing auto-overtime for timecards posted to the specified job. It is used in conjunction with the Use Weighted Average Overtime Rates check box in PR Craft/Classes. Therefore, if you selected this check box for the job, you must also select it for each craft/class used on that job. If either of these check boxes is unselected or no job, craft, or class is posted on the timecard, the system applies regular overtime rates.

If you elect to use weighted-average overtime rates (at both the job and craft/class level), you must also set the Average By option to indicate whether weighted-average overtime calculations will be based on the employee's weighted-average regular rate for the day or the weekly / bi-weekly pay period. You should select the same option for both the job and the applicable craft/classes to ensure the correct weighted-average overtime rate is used. If you set one option to Weekly and one to Day, the systems uses the daily weighted-average rate.

For information on how weighted-average overtime rates are calculated, see Weighted Average Overtime Rates.