Set Up Recipients for JB Invoice Delivery

Use the JC Contract Recipients Detail form to set up recipients and specify an email or print delivery method for JB invoices.

  1. From the main menu, select Job Cost > Programs > JC Contracts.
  2. Select the JB Info tab.
  3. Select the Recipients button in the JB Email Delivery section.
  4. In the Seq field, enter +, N, or New for the next sequential number.
  5. In the Delivery field, select either E - Email or P - Print for the invoice delivery method.
  6. In the Name field, enter the name of the invoice recipient.
  7. Enter the additional email or address information in the appropriate fields for the recipient.
    • If you chose E - Email, an Email address is required.
    • If you chose P - Print, an Address, City, State, and Zip Code are required.
  8. Save and close the record.
    Note: On the JB Info tab of JC Contracts, the JB Email Delivery section displays the phrase Recipients Exist when you have set up at least one recipient.
  9. On the JB Info tab of JC Contracts, choose invoice formats for progress bills and T&M invoices.

    You only need to enter values in these fields for contracts that require a different invoice format than the one you have defined for the associated customer (in AR Customers) or the Job Billing company (in JB Company Parameters). When delivering invoices in JB Invoice Delivery, the invoice formats defined for a contract override those defined for the customer and company (respectively).

  10. Save the record.
Recipients set up in this form will receive JB progress billing and T&M invoices via JB Invoice Delivery. For more information about sending invoices, see Deliver JB Invoices.