About the JC Departments Form

Use this form to create and maintain departments.

Departments are assigned to contract items using the JC Contracts form and they define which General Ledger accounts will be used when posting contract revenue and job costs. If your general ledger contains more than one set of Job Cost and Revenue accounts (to further breakdown job costs), then create separate departments for each set of accounts.

Note: All general ledger account codes specified here must first be set up in using the GL Chart of Accounts form, and must have either J-Job or nothing selected in the Sub Ledger Code field on the Info tab of that form.

There are five tabs for defining GL account assignments:

  • Info – Used to define the revenue accounts for open contracts/jobs and closed contracts/jobs.

  • Cost Types – Used to set up the open and closed WIP (work in progress) accounts for each cost type you specify.

  • Phase Overrides – Used to define override open/closed GL accounts by phase. An “Exclude PR” option allows you to specify that the phase override will not be used if the transaction’s source is Payroll.

  • Liability Types—Used to set up the open/closed burden accounts for each of the liability types you specify. You need only set up overrides here if you want that portion of burden expense to go to an account other than the one assigned to the corresponding cost type.

  • Earnings Types—Used to set up the open/closed labor accounts for certain types of earnings that you need to break out to separate GL accounts, rather than following the cost type of the earnings code. In Payroll, you can assign an earnings code to a special earnings type. If you do, the PR Ledger Update program will look here for the GL accounts, then use the standard account for the related cost type if an account is not set up here. An example might be if you wanted Subsistence to be directed to a separate GL Account, but to the Labor cost type.

Note: The 'closed' GL accounts will only be used if you allow posting to closed jobs (the 'Allow Posting to Closed Jobs' flag is checked in JC Company Parameters).

Leaving Accounts Blank

When setting up departments, you do have the option to leave a department’s cost account blank so there will be no default account in posting programs. This might be useful if a department has more accounts to which costs are posted than you want to have separate cost types.

Note: If you elect to leave the cost accounts blank, you cannot use the automatic GL posting feature in the contract close process.

Job Cost and General Ledger