About the JC Liability Template Form

Use this program to set up liability templates.

These templates are used to define how Payroll burden (Employer-paid liabilities) is charged to Job Cost. By using templates, you may define these liability costs differently for different jobs. For instance, you might burden T&M jobs differently than fixed price jobs. Or, because one of the options on calculating payroll burden is to use specified rates rather than actual costs, you might use different rates for jobs in one state versus another.

  • Liability Types - Use this tab to set up each of the liability types that apply to this liability template. For each liability type, you specify the phase and cost type (if not using the earnings cost type) to which the burden costs associated with the liability will be posted. You must also specify the method that will be used to calculate the liability (i.e. rate or exact amounts as calculated in payroll).
  • Basis Earnings Codes - Use this tab to identify the earnings that will be included in the basis of the calculation of the liability when Payroll is interfaced to JC. You will only need to set up earnings codes for liability types with a Method of R (Rate of Gross).
    Note: If you have one or more liability types flagged to use the ‘Rate’ calculation method and you do not define basis earnings codes for those liability types, a warning displays (in red) to the right of the template description indicating basis earnings codes are missing. Message will clear once you have set up at least one basis earnings code for each ‘rate’ liability type.
    When PR is interfaced to Job Cost, any liability set up in PR with a liability type the same as defined in the liability template will be combined and interfaced to JC as a rate of gross using the rate in the Liability Rate column times the earnings codes set up here for the liability type.
    Note: Liability overrides (method R) do not affect the calculations in PR; only what is charged to the job.

    Once you have defined the liability templates you plan to use, you can assign them to jobs in JC Jobs.

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