About the PC M/WBE Certificate Types Form

Use this form to set up the various certificate types that will be used by your company to identify minority or disadvantaged business classifications.

The types defined here will be used when entering certificate information in PC Pre-Qualification Info (Certificates tab) for vendors/subcontractors going through the pre-qualification process.

Note: Certificate types are associated with a vendor group (defined in HQ Company Setup, AP Vendors and PM Firm Codes field); therefore, PC companies pointing to the same vendor group will share certificate types.

Some examples of certificate types are:

  • MBE (Minority Business Enterprise)

  • WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise)

  • DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise)

  • VBE (Veteran Business Enterprise)

  • SBE (Small Business Enterprise)

  • NA (Native American)

  • Other

  • None

PC Pre-Qualification Info