About the HR Resource Schedule Form

Use this form to define resource schedules or to modify leave requests for a resource.

You can access this form from the main menu or from the Schedule tab in HR Resources (by double-clicking the desired record or clicking anywhere in the line and selecting Records > Open Related Record in Form).

Defining Resource Schedules

Use schedule codes (set up in HR Codes, Type C) to identify the different scheduling events that occur during the workday (e.g. shifts, training, vacation, etc.). This form is flexible enough to allow you to define a schedule for each workday or to create a general schedule for a resource. For example, if a resource is scheduled to work the day shift for an indefinite period, you might create a schedule code named ‘DAYS’ and use the Description field to explain the shift and use the Schedule Hours field to record shift hours. You can also use the schedule to record other events that occur such as training, vacation, and so forth.

To enter a resource schedule, enter the resource, the date that applies to the schedule, and a sequence number in the header level of the form. Specify a schedule code, description, and the scheduled hours in the appropriate fields. If you are entering or modifying a leave request, enter additional information in the comments field and set a request status. For more information, refer to the “Modifying Leave Requests” section below.

Modifying Leave Requests

You can use this form to modify leave requests for a resource. Typically, this occurs when a resource entered a leave request (HR Leave Request), the approver approved the request (HR Leave Approval), and the resource subsequently needs to revise or cancel the request.

To modify a leave request, locate the appropriate resource, date, and sequence. Modify the leave details as necessary.

You can also use this form to enter leave requests. Typically, you will do this when you need to enter a leave request and the employee is not available (e.g., out sick). To enter a leave request, enter the resource, the date of the leave request, and a sequence number in the header level of the form. Specify a schedule code associated with the correct leave type, description, the scheduled hours in the appropriate fields, and the status of the request. Optionally, you can enter comments in the Approver Comments field. Once you save the record, the resource can view the updated request in HR Leave Request.

Note: When entering leave requests in this form, you can only enter leave requests one day at a time.