About the HR Leave Request Form

Use this form to enter leave requests.

Once you enter a request, the approver assigned to your approval group is responsible for approving or denying the request. The system sends an email notification to you when the approver sets an approval status.

Note: The system sends an email notification based on the preferences set for you in VA User Profile or in the User Options form. For more information, see VA User Profile or User Options for more information.

You can also use this form to monitor all scheduled leave requests and their approval status.

Note: To ensure that the correct information displays for an employee in the Leave Totals by Code display fields, do not apply bEmployee datatype security to the PRLH and PREL tables. For more information on datatype security, see Setting Datatype Security.

Requesting Leave

When you first access this form, it automatically defaults to your resource number in the upper, left-hand corner of the screen. The Grid Hours field displays the total number of hours in the grid for requests with a status of New or Approved. If there are requests in the grid, the system displays information based on leave code in the Leave Totals by Code section. Depending on the selected grid record, this section displays the leave code, available leave total for the code, pending leave (scheduled leave that has not been taken yet), balance leave (available leave minus pending leave), and the last date that leave information was posted from the Payroll (PR) module.

  • If the system does not display any records based on your filtering criteria, but you have leave associated with the code that you enter in the Leave Code filtering field, the system displays leave totals for that code in the Leave Totals by Code section.

  • Leave totals may not be accurate if information has not been posted recently from PR. If the date in the Last PR Post Date is more than a few weeks old, you may want to double-check leave totals with your organization’s payroll department. The PR Auto Leave Accrual/Usage form is used to post PR leave information to HR.

To enter a leave request for a single day, enter the date, leave code, hours, and any additional comments in the grid. Repeat this for any other single day requests and save the record as usual.

To enter a leave request for multiple days, click Add. The system displays the HR Multi-Day Leave Request form. Use that form to enter multiple, consecutive leave days. You can also use that form to enter single-day leave requests. For more information, refer to HR Multi-Day Leave Request in Related Topics below.

Once you enter your request, the approver assigned to your approval group will review your request using HR Leave Approval. When the approver updates the status, the system sends you an email notification via your notification preference.

Viewing Scheduled Leave

You can use this form to view the status of all your scheduled leave requests. Once the approver sets a status for your requests in HR Leave Approval, the system updates the status field in the grid, along with the name of the approver (Approver field), and any comments from the approver (Approver Comments field).

If there are a number of requests in the grid, you can use the fields in the Scheduled Leave Filter section of the form to search for requests within a specific date range and/or requests with specific leave codes. Enter the filtering criteria in the fields and click Refresh. The grid displays all requests meeting the criteria.

Deleting Leave Requests

You can delete leave requests from this form that have a New status. To delete, select the request record in the grid and click the Delete button or select Records > Delete. Leave requests with all other statuses remain in the grid and you cannot delete them.

About the HR Multi-Day Leave Request Form

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