About the HR Multi-Day Leave Request Form

Use this form to enter leave requests that span multiple, consecutive days.

You can also enter single-day leave requests on this form. To access this form, click the Add button on the HR Leave Request form. For more information, refer to HR Leave Request in Related Topics below.

Requesting Leave

When you first access this form, the Resource field automatically defaults your resource number. To enter a leave request, specify the leave type, the starting and ending dates, the number of hours per day, and any additional comments in the form fields. Click the Request button to submit your leave request. The system displays a confirmation dialog box. Click Close and enter any additional leave requests or close the form. The system displays your multi-day leave request on the HR Leave Request form.

Important: Make sure to enter time for consecutive dates. The system does not recognize weekends, holidays, or the days that you do not work. For example, if you are requesting a two-week leave, and you do not work weekends, enter a leave request for the first week (Mon-Fri) and then enter a second leave request for the next week (Mon-Fri). Additionally, if you are entering a consecutive-day leave request, but want to take a lesser amount of leave for one of the days, you need to enter two leave requests.
Tip: You can also use this form to enter single-day leave requests. To enter a single-day leave request, enter the same date in both the Start Date and End Date fields.