About the PR Auto Leave Accrual/Usage Form

Use this form to automatically generate fixed and rate-based leave accruals, along with usage entries. All entries are added to a leave batch and can be edited in PR Leave Entry before posting.

Access this form by selecting File > Leave Accrual Usage Init from the PR Leave Entry form.

This form processes only active employees who are set up for leave posting, and includes only active leave codes. If you select to initialize a single leave code and the leave code is inactive, a warning displays and you must enter an active code before you can proceed. If you select to initialize all leave codes, the initialization process skips all inactive leave codes.

As entries are added to the batch, the system locks each employee/leave code combination to ensure that leave data processes correctly. If you want to delete entries from a batch, you can remove them individually in PR Leave Entry or you can clear the entire batch from the PR Batch Process form.

Once entry generation is complete, a confirmation message displays. Once you click Close, you are returned to the PR Leave Entry form where you can review the entries and post the batch.

Note: If you reopen a pay period to make changes and you change any timecards that affect leave entry (that is, the timecards are associated with a leave entry earn code), when you close the pay period, it is strongly recommended that you reprocess leave after you run AP Ledger Update. This ensures that you not encounter errors later due to unbalanced or negative leave. For more information see About Closing/Opening Pay Periods.

Updating Fixed Amount Accruals

Updating Usage and Rate-Based Accruals