About the PR Leave Codes Form

Use this form to create and maintain leave codes.

These codes represent paid time that an employee takes to be absent from a job (e.g., vacation, holiday, sick time, etc.). When setting up leave codes, you will associate an accrual type, determine any applicable limits, enter usage tracking information, and associate employees with the code.

When you add a new leave code, the Active check box is automatically selected. Although you can deselect this check box if needed, you must select this check box before you can assign the leave code to employees in PR Employee Leave (manually or via initialization).

If you deactivate a leave code after you have already assigned it to employees, the system prompts you to deactivate the leave code for the applicable employees. If you reactivate a leave code, you must manually reactivate it for all applicable employees.

Note: Settings on this form are standard, but you can modify settings for associated employees using PR Employee Leave. Tasks

Leave Code Settings

Creating Leave Codes