PR Pay Period Control Form

Use PR Pay Period Control to set up a new pay period, which is the first step in processing payroll.

You must create a pay period entry in this form before entering timecards, posting automatic earnings, or establishing deduction and liability overrides. This pay period record stores the payroll date range; expense month(s) for ledger updates; standard hours, days, and weeks; and pay period status information.

If you are emailing pay stub information to employees, you will also use this form to access PR Pay Stub Notify which allows you to send pay stub information by email. For more information, see PR Pay Stub Notify.

Note: The system creates a record in the master audit file (HQMA) whenever a pay period is opened or closed.Tasks

Final Pay Period Updates

The Final Update check boxes in PR Pay Period Control display the status of the updates that must be made after a pay period is closed. These flags (listed below) are updated by the system and cannot be edited here.

  • Job Cost / Equip Usage / SM Work Order
  • Equipment Costs
  • General Ledger / Cash Mgmt / Accumulations
  • Accounts Payable
  • Leave Accrual / Usage

Set Up Single-Month Pay Periods

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Close a Pay Period

Reopen a Pay Period