About the PR Unemployment Process Form

Use this form to maintain information needed to produce an electronic Quarterly State and Unemployment Wage reports.

Note: Vista is transitioning to the advanced e-filing capabilities offered through Aatrix. Although you can continue to use this form to file quarterly unemployment reports for many states, this is not true for all states. As states change their reporting requirements and e-filing specifications, the standard Vista e-file format may no longer comply. In this case, you should use Aatrix for SUI reporting. For a list of states that fall into this category, see States Requiring Aatrix for Unemployment Reporting (United States).

For information about using Aatrix for unemployment reporting, see Create / Submit Quarterly Unemployment Report Using Aatrix.

The requirements of some states can be met by using a printed report of information directly from the Employee Header and Accumulations tables. Those states do not require set up or initialization on this form.

However, many states request additional information and/or require Quarterly State And Unemployment Wage reports to be submitted electronically. The information set up and maintained here is tracked in tables from which electronic files can be easily produced, meeting the most common electronic reporting formats. It is assumed that you submit using electronic filing, so no form reports are provided.

You can initialize quarterly unemployment/wage information using PR Unemployment/Wage Init, which is accessed by selecting Initialize from the File menu. Form more information, see About the PR Unemployment/Wage Init Form.

Note: Quarterly unemployment/wage information is initialized using PR Unemployment/Wage Init, which is accessed by selecting Initialize from the File menu. See PR Unemployment/Wage Init for more information.

After you have run the initialization (PR Unemployment/Wage Init) process, the Info tab defaults much of the information from the Unempl/Wage Reporting tab in PR State Information. Other information, such as the company name, address, contact, phone, and Fed Tax ID defaults from PR Company Parameters.

The amount of information used for unemployment/wage reporting depends on which reporting format you normally use. For example, if you are using the ICESA (Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies) format, most of the information on the Info tab is required for unemployment/wage reporting. Informational fields such as C-3 Data, Suffix Code, Tax Type, Taxing Entity, Plant, Branch, etc., are defined by the submittal state. Please refer to each individual state’s reporting specifications or guidelines for information and input requirements.

Note: Changes made to state or company information in this tab do not update to the PR State Information or PR Company Parameters files.
The Rates/Amounts tab is used to enter rates and amounts that may be required by some states for electronic filing. The Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate defaults form the SUTA liability code set up in PR State Information. Other information includes employer and employee assessment rates and amounts; interest, penalty, overpayment, and allocation amounts; and total due and total remittance amounts.

Fields on the Other tab are visible only when the State field on the Info tab is set to LA or VT. See the F1 field help for details.