Set up Aatrix IDs for State Regulatory Reporting

You can set up Aatrix IDs (in PR Employees) to identify additional employee data that is unique to various state regulatory reports.

You will only need to set up Aatrix IDs if regulatory reporting for your state requires additional data for employees not already defined elsewhere in Vista (for example, the 7-digit NAICS, Corporate Officer identification, and Coverage Types needed for Wyoming unemployment reporting). Depending on your reporting needs, you may need to set up multiple IDs for each employee.

The following details how to set up Aatrix IDs in PR Employees.

  1. Open the PR Employees form and select the employee to update.
  2. Click on the Aatrix ID Values tab.
  3. In the Aatrix ID field, press F4 to select the Aatrix ID that identifies the value being reported.
  4. In the Value field, enter the value that applies to the selected Aatrix ID.
    Tip: The Description field for each Aatrix ID contains information (after the hyphen) about what value to enter. For example, if you enter 4005 as the Aatrix ID, the information shown after the hyphen in the description indicates that applicable values are S, U, J, L, R, A, or P.
  5. In the Memo field, enter notes about the employee / Aatrix ID entry.
    The memo entered here is informational only. It is not passed to Aatrix when initiating regulatory reporting in PR Aatrix Report Selection.
  6. Set up additional IDs as needed.
When running regulatory reports via the PR Aatrix Report Selection form, the system passes the applicable IDs defined for each employee to Aatrix based on the state and report selected.