About the PR Crews Form

Use this form to set up and maintain crew information.

Crews identify groups of employees and/or equipment that commonly work together. Once you have set up a crew, you can initialize timecard entries (in PR Timecard Entry) and crew timesheets (in PR Crew Timesheet Entry) based on the crew information entered here. If you have some employees and/or equipment that generally work together on the same job and phase, then it might be quicker to initialize their timecards via crew posting instead of entering each employee individually.

On the Info tab of this form you will set up and maintain crew timesheet defaults including the job and phases that the crew typically posts time to; override earnings codes for regular, overtime, and double-time; the payroll group and shift; and you can also determine whether the crew timesheets should be approved before sending to PR Timecard Entry.

You will use the Crew Members tab to assign employees and equipment to the crew.

Setting Up Payroll Crews

Adding Employees to Payroll Crews