About Customizing Timecard Entry

Timecard entry can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.

Extensive control exists to allow each company to customize the workings of the timecard entry form. You can control default values for tax state and city, unemployment state, and insurance code. You can indicate which fields are available in the grid, fields that require entry, and fields that may be skipped. By tailoring timecard entry, you get maximum speed of entry while maintaining the ability to do overrides where necessary. Some of these controls and defaults are set up in PR Company Parameters and some are defined in the PR Timecard Entry form by user.

You have several control options available in PR Timecard Entry: Customize Grids, Equipment Class Override, Post by Day Number, Post by Job, Post Equipment Usage, Default to Job Type Entry, and Display Post Sequence on Grid. To access these options, click on the Options menu, and select the desired option. For information about each of these options, click on the option name in the graphic below.

You can also change the order of the columns in the grid by unlocking and moving the columns. However, because this form supports three types of timecards (Job, Mechanic, and SM Work Order), unlocking columns is not recommended. If unlocking and moving columns is necessary, it is recommended that it be kept to a minimum; any columns arranged for the job timecard grid will cause changes to the mechanic and service timecard grids, and vice versa. If you choose to reorder columns in this fashion, close and reopen the form after reordering columns to refresh data and ensure that defaults work properly. For more information, refer to Working With Grids in Related Topics below.

Note: When you create a new batch in PR Timecard Entry, any grid customizations will not be reflected until you select a timecard line type from the Type drop-down field.

It is recommended that you do not use F3 overrides in PR Timecard Entry. Instead, use the PR User Grid Options form to customize how this form works. PR User Grid Options allows you to customize the grid display by line type, so you can show only those fields that are needed for each timecard based on your company's needs. If you must use F3 overrides, it is recommended that you apply an F3 setting, enter all of your job timecards, and then change your F3 settings before entering mechanic or service timecards.

For more information about the grid display options, see PR User Grid Options.