About the PR User Grid Options Form

Use this form to control which columns appear in Job, Mechanic, or SM Work Order timecard lines in PR Timecard Entry.

Access this form by selecting Options > Customize Grids in PR Timecards Entry.

You will use the fields on each tab in this form to specify grid display options. You can set display options for fields associated with job, mechanic, and service (SM work order) timecard lines. In addition, you can select whether individual fields are skipped during data entry. Users can still focus on skipped fields and enter data, as long as allowed by the display options. Refer to the F1 help for each field for more information.

Note: When you create a new batch in PR Timecard Entry, any grid customizations will not be reflected until you select a timecard line type from the Type drop-down field.

It is recommended that you do not use F3 overrides in PR Timecard Entry. Instead, use this form to customize how the PR Timecard Entry form works. Display options are set up by timecard line type (Job, Mechanic, SM Work Order); however, many options are available for all three line types (such as Employee, PR Dept, Ins State, Craft, Class, etc.). Other options are specific to the line type, such as work order-related fields for mechanic and service timecards, which are not available for job timecards. By customizing your display options, you can ensure that only the appropriate fields are displayed for each timecard type based on your company's needs. This can also help minimize tabbing through unnecessary fields, making data entry more efficient.

If you must use F3 overrides, it is recommended that you apply an F3 setting, enter all of your job timecards, and then change your F3 settings before entering mechanic or service timecards. However, the settings on this form will override any F3 settings if they conflict with each other.

Note: If you do not check the Display earnings rates in PR Timecard Entry box for the user (who will be entering timecard lines) in VA User Profile, the system removes the Rate and Amount fields for Job, Mechanics, and SM Work Order timecard lines. Additionally, when posting a batch of timecards, the timecard entry audit reports will omit pay rate information. For information about enabling the display of these field, see Show Employee Rate/Amount in Timecards - Video.