Entering Timesheets

You may find it helpful to have employees enter timesheet information directly into the system rather than dealing with paper timesheets.

You can choose to have employees enter their time directly or have foremen/managers enter time for them. Once timesheets are in the system, a reviewer group or project manager can approve the timesheets and your payroll personnel can then send the timesheets to PR timecard batches for processing.

The following steps outline the process for entering timesheets.

Note: Prior to entering timesheets, the system must be set up properly. This setup includes: setting timesheet permissions for system users (whether they can enter time for themselves or others); assigning reviewer groups to employees, jobs, and projects; and determining which earnings codes that employees can select when entering time. See Setting Up Timesheet Entry for more information.
  1. Employees and foremen/managers can enter time using PR My Timesheet. Functionality of this form differs depending on the user's assigned permissions in VA User Profile. For more information, see Setting Timesheet Permissions for Users.
  2. Project managers and reviewer groups use PR My Timesheet Approval to review and approve all submitted timesheets. Additionally, the PR My Timesheet Approval form can be used to modify timesheet data as necessary.
    Note: You will want to make sure to set appropriate form security for PR My Timesheet Approval. If users are not assigned a reviewer group at the employee or job level, and they have access to PR My Timesheet Approval, they will be able to approve their own timesheets.
  3. Once timesheets are approved, payroll personnel will use PR Timesheet Send to post timesheets to PR batches for processing.
  4. Payroll personnel will process payroll as normal.
  5. Use PR Purge to purge posted timesheets from the system.