About the EM Cost Codes Form

Use this form to set up cost codes.

Cost codes are used to break down equipment costs in a meaningful way. A typical list of cost codes includes the various components on which maintenance is done (brakes, transmission, tires, etc.) and various categories of other equipment costs (fuel, taxes, insurance, etc.).

Equipment cost posting will be limited to the cost code/cost type combinations that you create using this form. All equipment costs are processed and tracked by these cost codes; this allows you to obtain reports that break down your equipment costs by cost code and cost type.

You can only delete a cost code if the following is true:

  • The cost code is not associated with a work order item - Cost codes are added to work order items using the Cost Code field on the Info tab in the lower portion of the EM Work Order Edit form.

  • The cost code is not associated with an equipment detail record (e.g. cost adjustment, usage entry, etc.)

  • There are no cost types on the Cost Types tab.