About the EM Shops Form

Use this form to set up the shops your company uses to store and/or maintain equipment. If a shop is responsible for a piece of equipment, you can assign that shop to the equipment in EM Equipment. You can also assign shops to work orders in EM Work Order Initialize and EM Work Order Edit.

Last WO #

If you are using the auto-numbering feature and have set the work order option (in EM Company Parameters, Work Orders tab) to ‘Shop’, you will use this field to specify the last work order number used for each shop you set up. The system uses this number in conjunction with the auto-numbering feature to assign numbers to work orders created via EM Work Order Init and EM Work Order Edit. When you add a work order (manually or by initialization), the auto-numbering process assigns the next sequential number based on the shop you specify and that shop’s ‘last work order number’.

For more information about auto-numbering for work orders, see EM Company Parameters in Related Topics below.