Material Sales

Material Sales is a fully integrated module that provides a complete system with which you can track and process materials that your company produces and/or sells.

Used in conjunction with Job Cost, Equipment Management, and Inventory, it eliminates duplicate entry and streamlines the flow of information. Its flexibility allows you to:

  • set up templates to maintain material pricing and payment discounts, and assign them at the customer, job, or inventory location levels.

  • set up quotes for special pricing and/or hauling needs. Quote detail can be copied from existing quotes to new quotes.

  • set up truck rates for company-owned vehicles or outside haul vendors.

  • enter material tickets manually or electronically upload them from a PC Scale package.

  • have finished good production posted automatically when entering tickets. All raw materials used in the production of the finished good are automatically relieved from inventory based on preset mix designs.

  • automatically generate AR invoices based on tickets processed.

  • enter hauler time sheets to capture hourly-based haul charges and verify against material tickets.

  • set up hauler payment rates and automatically generate vendor invoices in AP.

  • perform intercompany material transfers, as well as intercompany sales to jobs. Inter-company transactions can be invoiced and automatically set up as cross-company payables.

  • track in-house usage and revenue of hauling equipment.

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The Implementation Checklists and Processing Logs for this module are available in the Workflow module. To view the checklists and logs, use the WF Checklist Template form. For information on processing the checklists and logs, click here.

If you do not have the Workflow module, use the WF Templates report (VA Reports menu) to view or print the checklists and logs.