About the MS Haul Codes Form

Use this form to set up haul codes that identify the various hauling activities performed by your company.

For each haul code, enter a description, specify the haul basis, and indicate whether haul charges posted to the haul code are taxable. Use the Rates tab to set up the standard haul rates that the system uses as a default when posting tickets in MS Ticket Entry.

  • Taxable Haul Charges - For each haul code you set up, you can specify whether taxes will be applied to haul charges posted to the haul code. Click on either of the following for more information.
  • Defining Haul Rates - Haul rates are defined by location group, but may also be specific to other criteria such as location, material category, material, truck type, and haul zone. The haul basis (Haul Rate is Based On drop-down) determines what hierarchy the haul rate follows. For an illustration of the hierarchy for each haul basis, click on a link below.

Haul Basis: Per Unit, Units/Mile, & Units/Hour

Haul Basis: Per Hour & Per Load