About the MS Pay Codes Form

Use this form to set up pay codes that identify how the system calculates payments for haul vendors.

For each pay code, enter a description, specify the pay basis, and define the standard pay rates. Pay rates are set up on the Rates tab and the system uses them as defaults when posting tickets in MS Ticket Entry.

Setting up a Pay Code

Setting Up Pay Rates for a Pay Code

For each pay code, you must assign a pay basis. The pay basis identifies how the system calculates the pay rate and determines what factors affect its standard rate. There are seven pay basis options available:

  • 1-Per Unit

  • 2-Per Hour

  • 3-Per Load

  • 4-Units Per Mile

  • 5-Units Per Hour

  • 6-Percent of Haul

  • 7-Percent of Surcharge Total

Note: Pay basis 7-Percent of Surcharge Total is for use with the surcharges functionality in Material Sales, and determines the amount of the assessed surcharge that will be passed to the haul vendor; you will only assign this basis to pay codes that will be assigned to surcharge codes (in MS Surcharge Codes). If you will be implementing surcharges, you will need to set up one or more pay codes that will be used specifically for surcharges only.

Location groups define pay rates, but they may also be specific to other criteria such as location, material category, material, vendor, truck type, truck, and haul zone. The pay basis determines the hierarchy the pay rate follows. For an illustration of the hierarchy for each pay basis, click on the corresponding icon below.

Table 1 - Pay Basis for 1-Per Unit, 4-Units Per Mile, or 5-Units Per Hour, or 7-Percent of Surcharge Total

Table 2 - Pay Basis for 2-Per Hour, 3-Per Load, 6-Percent of Haul