Approve PCOs

Follow the steps below to approve pending change orders.

Tip: There is also a step-by-step tutorial that outlines the basic processes of PM Pending Change Orders form, including approving a PCO. More
  1. Open the PM Approve PCOs form. For example, open PM Change Order Requests, select a COR that should be approved, and select Tasks > Approve PCOs. This will open PM Approve PCOs and all of the PCOs on the COR will populate on the form.
    Note: Approving multiple PCOs at the same time - PM Pending Change Orders form

    Follow the steps below if you want to approve multiple PCOs at the same time.

    1. Open the PM Pending Change Orders form.
    2. Open the Grid tab in the upper portion of the form.
    3. Select the PCOs that you want to approve. Hold down CTRL to select specific PCOs or hold down SHIFT to select a range, and then click on the buttons to the left of the PCO Type column.
  2. Use the Grid tab to select a PCO to approve. If you are approving several PCOs at the same time, more than one PCO will display on the Grid tab.
  3. Open the Info tab. The Project, PCO Type, and PCO fields will populate with the PCO being approved.
  4. Press F4 in the ACO field and select an existing ACO, or enter a '+' to create a new ACO.

    If you are approving multiple PCOs, a message will appear and give you the option of adding all of the PCOs being approved to the selected ACO. For example if you are approving the PCOs on a change order requests(COR), you can use this option to assign all of the PCOs on the COR to a single ACO. If there are multiple projects associated with the PCOs being approved, an ACO with the same number will either be created for each project, or an existing ACO of that same number will be used.

  5. Check the Approve related SubCOs/POCOs for interface box if the subcontract change orders and PO change orders associated with the PCO items being approved are also ready to be interfaced. Click here for more information about this field.
  6. Use the Contract Change Order section if you would like to add the approved PCO to a new or existing contract change order (CCO). Click here for information on CCOs.
  7. Open the PCO Items tab and check the Approve box next to each PCO item that you would like to approve.
  8. Verify that the amount in the Approved Amount field on the PCOs tab is correct for each PCO that is being approved. By default this field will populate with the contract amount entered on the PCO, but you can change this value if it doesn't apply. This will overwrite the amount on the approved change order.
  9. If you are approving multiple PCOs, use the Grid tab to select another PCO, and then repeat the above steps.
  10. Click the Approve button to approve the selected PCO items.
  11. If the approval was not successful, a description of the error will display in the Error field on the PCO Items tab.
  12. Click the Close button when complete.