Updating Phases to Job Cost

When entering phase detail on a change order item—pending or approved—you must specify whether phases are to be updated to Job Cost as soon as they are set up or whether to delay the update to Job Cost until the interface is run.

This is done using the Active option, which must be set for each phase/cost type on the change order item. If this flag is checked, phases are updated to Job Cost as soon as they are added to the change order item. This allows the phases to be costed against immediately if they are the type in which the work is authorized prior to negotiation of the change order. This is also necessary if cost reports are required that include pending change orders. Phases/cost types with the Active flag unchecked) will be updated to Job Cost when the change order is approved and interfaced.


If you are using the Force Phase option for a change order item (which forces phases to use the same contract item as the change order item), you will need to run the interface to implement the force phase functionality.